Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sizzlin' hot image of the Virgin Mary appears on a griddle

After a cook in Calexico discovered what he thought was a sacred image of the Virgin Mary on a restaurant griddle, people drove in from as far as San Diego (about 125 miles) just to get a glimpse. Visitors included these two lucha libre wrestlers, who said her image was "a true miracle" according to the Imperial Valley Press. (The photographer who took this picture must love me and want me to be happy--this is probably my favorite picture EVER.)
I am a serious dork for supposed "sacred sightings." There's nothing like the mix of fervent excitement, guaranteed national media attention and campy reverence for things like a 15-year-old piece of toast. I personally don't believe that a face on a griddle is a sacred message from God, but hey-- if it is, he's certainly got a sense of humor. There's nothing funnier than seeing people getting worked up over a Cheeto.
Check out this slideshow of "sightings" found on silly objects like melons, paperweights and X-rays.

Pimp My Swine Flu Mask

Fun Mexican pop culture site Guanabee posted this excellent photo essay of some of the most creative ways people are weathering the Swine Flu scare. Even St. Jude's safe from germs!