Monday, December 15, 2008

FoCo does the holiday mash-up thing

What's with everyone trying to erase Christmas (and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa) around here?

That's what residents in Fort Collins, CO griped about last year when a city task force recommended that city buildings get rid of all holiday symbols and replace them with white twinkle lights. Boring!

But this year, the city has reversed their decision,
allowing Christmas trees, menorahs and Santa Clauses to co-exist together in front of the city's museum. To prove their willingness to embrace all faiths and cultures around the holidays, organizers included educational information about Yule, the Scottish Hogmanay festival, the Polish Wigilia celebration, the Indian Diwali festival and several others.

All the effort seems to have soothed some residents' anger, but others think the whole "include everyone" thing is getting a little out of hand. As for me, I happen to think the awkwardly PC combination of religious holidays is something we can only enjoy in America. For a perfect example of the awesomess that is the holiday mash-up, visit (Photo is from this Web site.)

Read the full story at the Denver Post here. The Fort Collins Coloradoan has some great op-ed pieces about the debate here, but I couldn't link to the original article because it's been archived already.

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  2. Heyya Megs!
    LOVE your new blog!! Very insightful and thought-provoking. I remember when this madness happened in the Fort last year. Ri-diculous. I'm glad the city council has come to its senses. Around here celebrations are larely Christmas-centered, although we did do an arts 'n crafts project last week in celebration of Kwanzaa!

    Yeah, I'd love to get together over break. I'll give ya a ring!