Thursday, December 11, 2008

silly and sacrosanct

It's a weird religious world out there.

Underneath all that churchy seriousness there's an undercurrent of spiritual people not content with the traditional expressions of faith. Sure, going to church is great, but it's not exactly creative. And why not spread the word of God with a rap instead of a standard hymn?

This is a world full of crunk churches, Bibles that look like teen magazines, Jesus-loving tattoo artists, Jewish graffiti artists, religion-themed microbrews and extreme sport ministries.

Some are meant to celebrate God, Allah, Jesus, Mohammad, Mary and all the rest of those holy folks. Some expressions are meant to lampoon or criticize religion (baby Jesus-shaped butt plug, anyone?) Some are cheesy, sincere, God-lovin' or godawful. The bottom line is that it's all on the religious fringe-- a reflection of way popular culture infuses religion with a sense of timeliness, new-ness, "now"-ness.

We're here to scope out all those funny little intersections of religion and pop culture. And while some of these posts might be a bit Christianity-heavy (since it's the dominant religious culture in the U.S), any and all creative expressions of spirituality are fair game.

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