Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey mommy, is Islam the light?

Remember all those horror movies with the talking dolls whose only mission was to kill humanity in gruesome and fucked-up ways? Needless to say, I've never been one for talking toys. In fact, as a child, I preferred to come up with my own voices for my baby dolls. That's why I never had this odd problem: several parents who bought the "Little Mommy Cuddle n' Coo" doll say the baby declares the phrase "Islam is the light!" in a garbled, creepy voice.
Some parents have complained about the same problem with the Baby Pals game for Nintendo DS.
So what really happened? Was it simply a cheap recording malfunction that cobbled together the word "mama" too many times? Or is some toymaker really, really dead-set on converting the world's young population with a single electronic phrase?
Neither Nintendo nor Mattel take responsibility for the error. Nintendo backed away from the issue by saying the game is manufactured by a third party, and Mattel said the compressed audio files can sometimes get corrupted. Sounds like a conspiracy to me!
I personally can't see how someone happened to get access to change the audio on these toys to add a religious message, but if you really want to hear it for yourself, check out the news story here.
And if that DID happen? Hey, if you know the guy who manipulated the audio, send him my way so I can indoctrinate children with a healthy fear of zombies.

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