Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now back to our regularly-scheduled blogging...

So I promised myself I would never post one of those “sorry for not posting” messages here, but it looks like the ole blog has gotten a little dusty since I’ve been gone. I’m back, though, and armed with lots of news to tell you.
First off, I recently got a job as the Faith columnist for the Daily Camera in Boulder. So far, I’ve meditated with Buddhists, chatted about the Bible in a comic book store and listened to Jewish toddlers sing adorable Shabbat songs. That’s right, I actually get paid to write about religion now!
I’ve even been able to address pop culture in my recent column. R. Crumb, the comic book artist responsible for some crazy, weird, sexed-up, drugged-up underground comics in the 1960’s, has taken on a totally different project: the Bible. The Book of Genesis, to be exact. It’s definitely a departure from his past work, but the book—a “straight illustration job” depicting the book word for word—still has R. Crumb’s personality written all over it. Check it out at your local comic book or bookstore!

I’ll still be on Bubblegum and Bibles to talk about the weirdo fringes of religion and pop culture, a topic that seems to get broader and weirder every day. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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  1. Great to see you back! Looking forward to all the strange findings.