Sunday, November 1, 2009

On my book list

To add to my overflowing reading list: "My Jesus Year" by Benyamin Cohen. Cohen writes about how his struggle to keep the oomph in his Jewish faith leads him to spend a year exploring the pull of Christianity. According to descriptions I've read, he takes it to the limit by jumping into the mosh pit in a Christian rock concert, seeing himself on the jumbotron at a megachurch and attending a Christian wrestling match. What does the son of an Orthodox rabbi learn from his Christian excursions? Well, you can ask him yourself when he visits Boulder 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 7 at the JCC, 3800 Kalmia Ave in Boulder.

Miss his talk but want more one-on-one time with rad Jewish authors? Cohen's talk is just one of the many the JCC will host as part of 2009 Festival of Books and Culture. See the whole schedule here.

My sale-rack bedside table is literally buckling from being piled with books, but I just gotta ask anyway: any suggestions for other books I should be adding to the stack? I'm on a humorous-memoir-about-faith kick, apparently.

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