Friday, December 19, 2008

More gifts for every sinner on your holiday list

Time's running out to get all your favorite people some fabulous religious gifts that will shock and amuse them--if not downright offend them. There's tons of options for those with a love for all things holy (or just kitschy).

Take this Virgin Mary toast stamper, for instance. Why gaze at your morning breakfast for signs of the Mother of God when you can engineer her presence yourself? Last I heard, these tongue-in-cheek stampers were available from Urban Outfitters.

Virgin Mary apparel is a pretty rad gift if you ask me. If you happen to be Christian, you might see Mary as a selfless or inspirational figure. Maybe you just admire art that happens to include her image. Either way, Mary is a total badass and a great present.

For those who enjoy Mary iconography for purely artistic purposes, I'd check out All-Pop, a treasure trove of kitschy oilcloth bags, cutesy stickers and throwback toys. They've also got a healthy dose of Virgin Mary merchandise including this adorable Our Lady of Guadalupe onesie or a collection of cheap insta-art litho prints.

I'd personally enjoy expressing my love for the holy virgin with a Phat Pimp "Mary is My Homegirl" shirt.

For those with a twisted sense of humor and an adventurous sexual appetite, there's always the Virgin Mary dildo from Divine Interventions. I spent some time on this Web site checking out their wares, which also include models such as the "Diving Nun," the "Judas" and "The Devil." (I'll leave it to you to comment...)

Stay tuned for one more installment of the Bubblegum and Bibles gift list!

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