Monday, December 29, 2008

Moving to the music-- and the message

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Check out this week’s issue of Westword for Adam Clayton-Holland’s absorbing article “Choosing My Religion.” It’s about Red Door, a twice-monthly melting pot of electronica and spirituality. As the article says:

“The Red Door is for people who want a sense of spiritual connection to a community," says (Paresh) Rana, who describes his role as that of peacekeeper. "It's for people who don't necessarily care for any specific dogma; it's for people who want to be moved by the music. The Red Door is for people who want to experience their bodies as an instrument."

With topics such as “the Primal Self” and Transforming Fear into Love,” I’m hoping to check out Red Door myself and report back in the coming months.

Heard about a counterculture hangout known with a spiritual undercurrent? Let me know!

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